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How To Make Real Estate Videos for Instagram

Jan Lefrancois-Gijzen

Ever-curious creative. Writer, video editor, food tester...

Ever-curious creative. Writer, video editor, food tester...

Apr 15 5 minutes read

We’re bullish on Instagram at Curaytor. We’ve referred to it as the “future” of marketing - which, really, means it’s the present. As a platform, Instagram constantly evolves and grows. Instagram’s internal metrics show that, year-over-year, Instagram users have spent 80% more time watching videos on the platform.

When it comes to making videos for Instagram, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The methods that make videos compelling or sound professional still apply. There are, however, some platform-specific adjustments you’ll want to make.

aspect ratio

be a square

Instagram allows for many aspect ratios on its platform, but you’ll want to stick with the "Square" 1:1 for your posts. Why?

A square video takes up 78% more space on a viewer's screen than the traditional 16:9 "Landscape" aspect ratio. That means your videos should be as wide as they are tall. According to Buffer, "Square" videos also generate 30-35% more video views than "Landscape" videos, with an 80-100% increase in engagement. 

It doesn't technically matter what your resolution is, as Instagram will automatically adjust it when you upload the video. However, if you want to keep things simple when editing, go ahead and format the video to be 1080x1080.

done in 60 seconds

(that's a minute)

The time limit for any video you post to your Instagram feed is one minute. That means you’ll want to get right to the point. If you absolutely must go longer than a minute, you can create a “gallery” of videos for your post, but we suggest you do this minimally. Since peoples’ attention spans are so short, the shorter your video is the more of it the viewer is likely to see.

it's all in the titles

Tell, then show

While we’ll always advocate for the “show, don’t tell” school of video, on Instagram you may want to bend that rule a bit and tell your audience what the video is about using titles. Without titles, viewers will spend the first 5-10 seconds (if you’re lucky) trying to figure out what your video is about… and then they’ll scroll down.

Think of your titles as a thesis. You’re communicating to the viewer: “when you watch this video, you will learn why this is true.”

Don’t overthink it. Here’s a recent post we made for Chris’s Instagram. Can you tell what it’s about? Does the content support the title?

captions on deck

beat the auto-mute

It’s a good idea to include captions in your Instagram videos. For one thing, Instagram audio defaults to muted. Facebook research also shows captions increase video view time by 12%. Finally, you still want to reach users who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you can, you should include them.

Most professional editing software has built-in caption tools. Here are a few guides on how to make captions on different editors:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro X
DaVinci Resolve

You’ll want to make sure your captions are legible, so make the words big and contrasting from the background.

If you don’t feel like making your own captions, check out They’ll charge you, but it may be worth it to you.

make your video loop

time is a flat circle

Instagram videos replay automatically, so you can take advantage of that by making them “loop” naturally. Here are some tricks to do that:

  1. Match the music so it starts and ends on the same beat

  2. Don’t have a clear “end” to the video

  3. Keep it shorter than :60 seconds

If your video loops and your viewer watches more than once, odds are they’re going to retain the information better. That’s valuable when you have a built-in call to action.

tell a story

old trick, new dog

We've said it before and we'll say it again: your videos should tell a story. There are many interesting ways to do that, and we highlighted some in our article Win More Listings With Oscar-Worthy Videos. We've done a whole #WaterCooler episode about Personal Branding that demonstrates how to frame your content.

Instagram may be relatively new in the world of video content, but what makes a good story hasn't changed. Go out there and show us what you've got.

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