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How Amit Bhuta Increased His Lead Database 5000% with Curaytor

The Curaytor Team

Curaytor partners with listing agents, giving them the expert services and tools they need to get their marketing done right.

Curaytor partners with listing agents, giving them the expert services and tools they need to get their marketing done right.

Oct 25 5 minutes read

Meet Amit Bhuta, Estate Agent at ONE Sotheby's International Realty in Coral Gables, FL.

After over a decade in the industry, Amit had fallen out of love with his business. He was ready for a change, so he moved to a new brokerage.

“I was given the opportunity to do high-end real estate and at first, it was exciting. I thought by going to this new office, this new brand, that I was going to learn so much. I had high expectations,” explains Amit.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned.

“Even with changing brokerages, I found it hard to get leads, and I wasn’t as pumped as I wanted to be about my work.”

Amit Takes Control of His Business

Amit realized he couldn’t rely on his brokerage or other agents for leads, so he needed a way to generate his own leads.

“Nearly all brokerages promise you they’ll get you leads but then you’re relying on them to generate business. That just didn’t work for me and I wanted to be in control of how much business I could bring in each year.”

Over the years, Amit tried numerous marketing tools but they didn’t deliver the results he wanted. He’d been following the Curaytor founders for years and knew they could help his business, but he didn’t feel ready to make the investment.

“I’d listen to all of the training and content Curaytor founders provided for free and think ‘Maybe one day I can sign on with them’. Thanks to that training, I learned that as a company they’re incredibly innovative and decades ahead of the competition.”

Amit knew it would be a commitment to sign on with Curaytor, but decided any reservations he had were worth the risk, “I didn’t think I was ready to make the decision to work with Curaytor, but I took the leap anyway. On our initial call, they went over the services they offer and what would be a fit for me. That call wasn’t a hard sell, they were just giving me the information I needed to make the right decision for my business.”

As he explored working with Curaytor, one thing really stood out and ultimately helped to seal the deal.

“In this industry, we’re sold to on a daily basis and what made Curaytor different is that they were never trying to sell to me. Agents can spend upwards of $20,000 on useless stuff that never works. I quickly saw the value of Curaytor and it was a refreshing experience. That solidified my decision to sign on with Curaytor.”

“Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because I’m so excited about my business and that’s all thanks to Curaytor.”

Right Tools + Built In Support System = A New Passion for Business

As soon as Amit joined Curaytor, his way of doing business changed. With new tools in place, he was able to focus on his entire business instead of spending all of his time trying to drum up leads.

“People now recognize me out in public because of my marketing. My branding, my email open rates, and my confidence are through the roof.  With the changes I’ve made, I’m able to give more to my clients now and truly be of service.”

With Curaytor, Amit now focuses his time on delivering a high-quality experience to his clients. “Most brokerages have one database for all agents to use for their email lists. So everyone gets the exact same email. Through Curaytor, I’ve learned to send relevant and targeted emails, so my readers are more likely to open it. I write about what they’re interested in, and I don’t only talk about real estate. This helps me to really stand out.”

Since working with Curaytor, Amit’s business has made huge strides across the board. He’s overhauled his entire marketing strategy and he has complete faith in his vision.

“We’re on track to have anywhere from 10 to 15 times as much business as we do now in the next two to three years. Plus, in the year I’ve been with Curaytor I’ve increased my lead database by 5000%. Listings I can directly attribute to Curaytor have added over $10 million to my total in the last year. I have so many leads that I hired a buyer’s agent and a virtual agent. I used to hope that someone would hire me for their team, now, with Curaytor, I’m building my own team.”

Best of all, Amit has a renewed passion for real estate.

“Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because I’m so excited about my business and that’s all thanks to Curaytor. One of the things that reignited my passion was the Mastermind group. We share ideas and I feel like I have a family of hundreds of people who’ve got my back."

Since signing with Curaytor, Amit has...

  • Grown his lead database
  • Hired a buyer’s agent and virtual agent
  • Gone from only being able to work with two or three clients at a time to dealing with 20+ clients at once
  • Seen exponential growth and is on track for 10 to 15x growth within the next three years
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