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#WaterCooler Ep. 110: Live Q&A with Chris & Jimmy

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a USA Today bestselling author and the co-founder of Curaytor, a social media, digital marketing and sales coaching company...

Chris Smith is a USA Today bestselling author and the co-founder of Curaytor, a social media, digital marketing and sales coaching company...

Sep 19 3 minutes read

Four episodes into this season of #WaterCooler, we thought we'd give control to the most important person involved in the show: you.

So we hosted a 100% Live Q&A episode.

Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, marketing and sales techniques, whatever you want to know, bring your best questions and we’ll answer them live on the air.

Recorded October 5th, 2016

What to do when you're launching a new website (or blog, YouTube show, etc):

  • The launch is as important as you make it
  • Beta is the New Black: Start the buzz BEFORE you launch
  • Create great content, advertise it, blast it out through email

Launchrock is a great countdown landing page - great for generating buzz pre-launch.

Go to your Facebook groups and profile, create a post about your upcoming launch and boost it. "If you leave a comment below, I'll send you a preview"

Email Marketing Pro-Tips

Two types of emails: Mass emails and Micro emails. The future of email? Medium emails. Sending messages to a subset of your list. 

We use our CRM (Follow Up Boss) to filter by several conditions to create smaller subsets to send highly targeted messages.

Make sure you've got a clean email list: DataValidation.com clears out inactive and spam email accounts. 

SenderScore.com will test your email content and give you a grade for how likely it is to be marked as spam.

What Facebook metrics matter most?

We look at our Relevance Score as one of the most important metrics for ads. The other big ones:

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Link Clicks
  • Cost per click/engagement

What about website metrics?

Your website metrics are directly proportionate to how you're sending people to your site. If the visitor comes in through a landing page via a Facebook ad, they're less likely to stick around. You may have a high bounce rate, but are capturing a lot of leads on a form. Would you rather have more leads or a lower bounce rate?

The stats we pay most attention to:

  • Number of visitors
  • % New vs. Returning visitors
  • Pageviews per visitor

We also check Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to see which posts and pages have the most views and engagement. Based on those findings, we tweak existing pages and shape our future content.

Emojis and Hashtags

Hashtags are the language of Twitter and Instagram. While Facebook has added them to their ecosystem, they're far from a necessity in posts and ads.

Emojis are frequently used in one-to-one digital conversations but not often in ads. Why not include them? They can humanize your posts and ads.

Shortcuts for the Emoji keyboard:

On a Mac: Command + Control + Spacebar. 

On PC: Enable "Touch Keyboard" and click the Smiley face.

Which CRM should you use?

Whichever one convinces you to get on the phone and actually talk to your leads. 

We use Follow Up Boss. There are lots of great options. But really, it's not about the system. It's about the person using it. 

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