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Win More Listings With Oscar-Worthy Videos

Jan Lefrancois-Gijzen

Ever-curious creative. Writer, video editor, food tester...

Ever-curious creative. Writer, video editor, food tester...

Feb 20 5 minutes read

If you’re running a business in 2019, you’ve probably given thought to video. After all, 55% of people watch videos online every day. Maybe you have a few under your belt already. That’s great!

While video itself works wonders as a marketing tool, viewers still have preferences for quality. According to Hubspot, 73% of consumers would prefer to watch “entertaining” videos. There are many factors at play determining whether or not something is "entertaining," but one thing is certain: people are drawn to stories. Whether that be the classic story of a hero, a family, a community, or something else entirely, a well-told story with characters will keep your audience engaged.

An engaged viewer spends more time watching your videos and forms an attachment. That's how you win more listings.

In the same way the Oscars celebrate some of the best work in filmmaking every year, we’ve put together examples of some great videos Curaytor clients have made to take their business to the next level. While every brand will have its own character, we hope these can serve as inspiration for yours.

spyglass realty

"This Is Who We Are"

It doesn’t get much more Austin, TX than this Spyglass Realty video. If you’ve seen Friday Night Lights, you’ll get the aesthetic here: warm light, sweeping shots of the city and neighborhoods. Ryan’s opening voiceover reflects on the past and looks to the future. The video then showcases the people behind Spyglass, emphasizing a family feel. It culminates in a montage of genuine faces, and a clear message: “We are Spyglass.”

the weiniger group

Community Spotlight

We’ve featured this video before because it’s so smart. This Weiniger Group video evokes the documentary, as Judy Weiniger interviews a principal and, in doing so, puts a face to one of the most important elements of any community: its schools. Beautifully shot and simply told, carried by Judy’s expert tone, this video shows how to make a community feel alive. If you want to see more community videos like it, we put together 7 Inspiring Real Estate Community Videos!

epic life realty

The Hero's Journey Begins

The Merriam-Webster definition of epic is “a long narrative poem in elevated style recounting the deeds of a legendary or historical hero.” This Epic Life Realty video has elevated style on lock. It centers on our hero - Charles Burgess - as he trains at the crack of dawn to be at his best for his clients. Charles will do whatever it takes to make sure his customers get an epic experience. As he says at the end, “It starts today.”

Join us for our next interview

Creating great videos like this is only one of the ways Charles Burgess built his brand and his business. On March 5th at 1pm Eastern, Curaytor's Sarah Mailloux is interviewing Charles about all the unique strategies Epic Life Realty has used to grow.

north group real estate

A Listing With Personality

Amy Youngren and her team at North Group have been crushing listing videos for years. What Amy does so well is reveal the inherent personality in every listing. She introduces us in the first 13 seconds to “a truly unique collection of fourteen townhomes, where you can live and experience the quaint and vibrant town of New Hamburg.” Standout words here are quaint and vibrant, well-demonstrated by the video’s well-lit and colorful visuals, as well as the choice of music and zoom edits between shots. Amy effortlessly guides us through the townhomes, putting a face to the experience. This is crucial - viewers have an easier time trusting videos featuring faces.

The Boutique real estate group

A Listing That Tells A Story

If you’re looking for examples of excellent visual storytelling for listings, Boutique Real Estate videos are a great place to start. In the first 45 seconds you get a polished listing video showcasing the neighborhood and interiors of the home. At this point, your typical viewer might feel they’ve seen enough. Here's where the video really takes off, as we're introduced to a young family. We see them at work and play, and suddenly 1668 Tyler Drive becomes more than a collection of rooms: it becomes a home.

how to make your own videos

Choose a Character, Tell Their Story

As you begin (or continue) to create video content, notice the elements that worked across these videos.

Some of these elements were technical, like the zoom edits of North Group's listing video. Others were aesthetic, such as the warm colors of Spyglass Realty's identity video or the break-of-dawn feel of Epic Life Realty's. Consistently, every video chose a character (be it a company, an individual, a community, or even a home) and told its story.

So, whose story are you going to tell?

looking for more video advice?

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