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Never Cold Call Again

Jimmy Mackin

Jimmy Mackin is the CEO of Curaytor, a full-service digital marketing company specializing in Facebook marketing and advertising...

Jimmy Mackin is the CEO of Curaytor, a full-service digital marketing company specializing in Facebook marketing and advertising...

Sep 19 5 minutes read

The average lead conversion rate is  <1%. 

To solve our conversion epidemic, most mistakenly revert back to the quest to find the perfect lead source. 

We ask questions like “Are Zillow leads better than”

This comparison is dangerous.

The prospect could have originally seen your Facebook Ad, searched for you on Zillow, Googled your website and then filled out a form on your contact page.

To master conversion, we have to look past the source and focus on the post-capture follow-up. 

There are two paths for your businesses to take.

You can use blunt force — call fast, call often, leave lots of voicemail, email until they convert or unsubscribe.

We give these techniques fancy names like 33 Pokes or 12 Days of Torture.

This blunt force trauma approach to moving prospects through the funnel is incredibly effective for the <1% of people who are looking to do something right now but it inevitably leads to us discarding many potential deals simply because they’re not ready to move forward on our timetable.

I want to propose an alternative…

The path less traveled, but ultimately far more rewarding, is building trust through your marketing and sales process.

Mastering the post-capture follow-up will lead you to have a steady stream of interested and qualified prospects for your sales team to convert. 

In this model, Marketing is responsible for converting cold leads into warm leads, regardless of their source. 

I’ve never understood why our industry is addicted to annoying people.

Why do we feel the need to harass 100 people just in the hopes of maybe convincing 1 of them to spend more than 10 seconds on the phone with us? 

Initially, I figured I was just naive and didn’t understand how the world worked. Then I realized that the gurus in our industry simply ran out of ideas so they reverted back to the only thing they know: cold calling. 

We believe in the boiler room model at Curaytor, we just don’t waste our time calling cold leads. 

It is expensive to sell to strangers.

Marketing needs to both capture leads and engage them in an effort to build trust.

To be clear, I’m not talking about drip campaigns or listing alerts.

Drips are an excellent way of using automation to help follow up with prospects after the initial point of contact, but they are a terrible way of building trust through your marketing long term.

Marketing that builds trust ensures your sales team doesn’t waste their time. This type of marketing will create conversion events. These conversion events act as a clear signal for your sales team to engage the prospect again.

It’s a very simple model: capture leads and create marketing campaigns that establish you as a trusted resource that can deliver lasting value. Based on the prospects in your network who engage with your marketing, follow up with a sales call, text or email.

We even created a tool to do this.

When your marketing successfully creates conversion events for your sales team, you will dramatically improve your output per sales rep.

How can I prove that this strategy works? 

Think about your own experience reading this article.

You probably found this article through a Facebook Ad or through an email in your inbox, and hopefully by this point you’ve found something valuable in it.

You might have started as cold, but now you’re getting a bit warmer :)  If you keep reading our blog and maybe even check out a few reviews, I think I could warm you up even more.

Now ask yourself... 

would you be more receptive to having a call with our sales reps after you’ve read this article?

Ultimately, Marketing scales 1000X more efficiently than Sales. 

The article that you’re reading right now will be read by thousands of people.  

The simple act of me writing this will warm up hundreds of prospective sales opportunities. To accomplish the same output, a sales rep would had to make thousands of dials.

never cold call again.

With our new sales tool, you'll only talk to qualified leads.

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