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Introducing real estate's hot new brand: North Group

The Curaytor Team

Curaytor partners with listing agents, giving them the expert services and tools they need to get their marketing done right.

Curaytor partners with listing agents, giving them the expert services and tools they need to get their marketing done right.

Sep 19 7 minutes read

North Group is a hot new brand that recently launched in Toronto, Canada. Co-founded by Amy Youngren and her business partner, North Group is the result of incredible growth over the past two years and a reputation for outstanding client experiences.

With North Group, Amy and her team are pushing the boundaries of the industry itself, challenging what it means to buy, sell and invest in real estate. Quite simply, North Group is redefining the real estate experience.

Two Years of Transformation 

Just two short years ago, Amy was a solo agent, concerned as her business growth had slowed and she didn’t have a marketing system or support in place to generate new leads.

As Amy explains, “We didn’t have a marketing platform. I knew what I wanted to do, just not how to get there. We were flying by the seat of our pants with no clear strategy for growth and no real roadmap for how to maintain our client relationships. At the time, everything we did was transaction-based, and even though we were making sales and clients were satisfied, I knew we couldn’t keep doing what we were doing if we were ever going to grow.”

Amy was at a crossroad as the pre-construction development she’d been selling was wrapped up and she was stretched to the limit trying to do everything on her own. Plus, she didn’t have the time, technology knowledge or skills to do things the way she really envisioned.

Amy explains, “I was so caught up trying to figure everything out and making sure it was perfect. I was doing things completely outside my skill set and not concentrating my efforts in the right places.”

Ready to Shake Things Up 

Amy was ready to do something big. She needed to get her marketing on track and put the tools in place to support her growth so she could focus on what she does best: - being innovative (Editor’s note: Innovative she is! Amy was recently nominated for 2017’s Most Innovative Agent by Inman). Amy wanted a platform to take care of her day-to-day needs so she could focus just on marketing content and being creative.

She was familiar with the founders of Curaytor, Chris and Jimmy, from previous roles within the industry, and she knew they had a system that sounded like a great fit for her needs.

“I did my due diligence and checked out other platforms, but I kept coming back to Curaytor. I loved their designs and the style of the platform. Brand image and how my business looks from a marketing perspective is very important to me. When I noticed that things with Curaytor don’t look templated that really stood out to me. Their websites were customized which satisfied my creativity, plus everything was modern and professional style-wise.”

Amy’s decision to sign on with Curaytor was an easy one after seeing what Curaytor had to offer. The company had an outstanding reputation and their strategy and tools fit with her overall vision for marketing. 

"I knew I was making the right decision engaging with Curaytor. I’ve known the founders for a long time so I completely trusted them. I knew the Curaytor marketing program would work if we really turned our time and attention towards it."

Innovation + The Right Tools = Success

When Amy teamed up with Curaytor things really started to take off, with her team doing 254 transactions between buyers, sellers and leases in 2016, totalling 90 million in sales volume and 2.3 million in GCI. 

For 2017, her team is on pace to hit three million in GCI.

But not only are Amy and her team pulling in great numbers, they’re learning valuable marketing skills to continue growing their business. 

“Our social media reach has grown exponentially just from learning how to share content that people want to see and follow. That came from us learning and implementing the systems and figuring out how to run ads properly. We’ve executed on everything Curaytor has taught us.”

In 2016, Amy and her team began the process of launching a massive rebranding of their business, with the vision of creating a real estate office that stepped across geographical boundaries and would redefine the real estate experience for both agents and their clients.

Thanks to Curaytor, they had all the tools and resources they needed to make it happen. Amy and her team launched the new brand, North Group, with great success in mid-2017.

“It’s things like our recent rebrand that are a testament to the Curaytor platform as we knew everything we needed to do and were able to make a big splash. For the launch of our brand, we used a powerful email blast in conjunction with a strong social media plan. Also, we learned how to effectively use video within the Curaytor system and everything we needed to include content-wise on the new site.”

With her marketing platform needs handled, Amy has more time to focus on growing her team, creating valuable content and building brand recognition in her market. As Amy explains, “Curaytor has created a platform that enables us to focus on what we do best, which is sell real estate and gain exposure with our clients and communities. Our team is now double the size it was when we first started with Curaytor.”

As someone who thrives on innovation, Amy believes Curaytor cultivates those skills and supports her with a community of like-minded people.

“Curaytor clients are making waves in their markets and in the industry overall. There’s a good, healthy competitive spirit within the Curaytor community because we challenge and inspire each other. The Curaytor platform is at the helm of what we’re doing, but it’s our creative minds and ideas that are setting us apart.”

Amy’s results to date with Curaytor:

  • 254 transactions totalling 90 million in sales for 2016
  • On track to grow her GCI to over 3 million in 2017, up from 2.3 million in 2016
  • Quadrupled the size of her team since signing on with Curaytor and on track to continue that growth trajectory

Want to innovate like Amy?

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