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Electrify your real estate business with Curaytor Excellence

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a USA Today bestselling author and the co-founder of Curaytor, a social media, digital marketing and sales coaching company...

Chris Smith is a USA Today bestselling author and the co-founder of Curaytor, a social media, digital marketing and sales coaching company...

Sep 19 7 minutes read

Real estate conferences can animate agents like a three-pump caramel double-whip macchiato, but all too often the excitement fizzles without any meaningful change to their business. They leave fired up, with no where to go...

Curaytor designed its Excellence conference to counter just this tendency.

“If you only get a nugget or two, we failed,” said Chris Smith, who designed the conference with fellow Curaytor co-founder Jimmy Mackin.

Real estate agent team leader Michele Herndon’s experience epitomizes what agents can expect from the event, whether they’re Curaytor clients or not.

After attending the sold-out inaugural Excellence event last October, Herndon, who leads a three-agent team in Tampa Bay, Florida, began using the team-messaging app Slack, the project management tool Basecamp and improved her email marketing strategy. She also optimized her contact follow-up practices and established a mastermind group with a set of successful colleagues she met at the conference. 

Excellence catalyzes this type of action by bringing together the industry’s most talented, inspired, and successful real estate agents together for three days under a smart framework designed by Smith and Mackin.  

This year's conference is October 12th-14th. Get your tickets to Curaytor Excellence now!

Curaytor Excellence topics touch on the latest in real estate technology, marketing and sales. 

Excellence conference topics include:

  • Advanced Facebook marketing

  • Video advertising and marketing

  • Mastering retargeting

  • Inside sales coaching

  • Advanced email marketing

Tickets start at $1,250. The high price point reflects the conference’s quality and the level of attendees’ commitment, motivation and success. 

Because the conference is designed with teams in mind, Curaytor offers multi-ticket discounts: agents can purchase three tickets for $600 each and two tickets for $750 each.

All registrants receive immediate access to all videos from last year’s conference.

For those who enjoy the charming opposites-attract rapport between Smith and Mackin, Excellence will deliver that in spades.

“If you’re a huge fan of Jimmy and I, you should go to Excellence,” Smith said.

Panels suck

Most conference panels suck, Smith said.

In his prolific real estate speaking career, Smith has keynoted dozens of prominent real estate agent conferences and attended 1,00's more. He’s taken the best from all of those, and with Mackin’s help, baked them into Excellence. 

Smith modeled Excellence, in part, after “Star Power,” the conference series organized and emceed by the late, great Howard Brinton. It was the first real estate event he attended (as a rookie sales rep with Top Producer in 2008) and remains emblazoned in his mind. 

The conference featured top producers sharing proven tactics and technology with other top producers, with Brinton serving as facilitator.

That’s exactly how Excellence is set up. Smith and Mackin organize compelling session topics, pick agents who have proven successful with elements of that topic, then facilitate a room-wide discussion.

Excellence panelists include:

  • Joe Herrara, owner of the Las Vegas-based Joe Taylor Group. Each team’s listing garners an average of 27,000 Facebook impressions thanks to its innovative techniques

  • Amanda Todd, owner of two-agent Amanda Todd Real Estate in Placer County, California. Just two years into her real estate career, she closed over $20 million in sales in 2015, as a single mom.

  • Dustin Oldfather, leader of the 17-agent The Oldfather Group, which recently broke sales record in its Delaware market with the help of an innovative content marketing strategy.

  • Amy Youngren, Toronto real estate agent and leader of the five-agent team, Urban Lifestyle Group. She is a finalist for residential real estate publication Inman’s most innovative agent award in 2016.

  • Josh Hasty, filmmaker and real estate videographer, will give tips on producing standout video.

Excellence panels don’t have a predetermined Q&A, Smith said. Instead, each is designed to feature audience-wide participation. Smith and Mackin lightly moderate the discussion to keep the train wheels moving forward and the takeaways flowing.

To facilitate audience participation and to get the mic to the middle of a row, Curaytor uses foam blocks with embedded mics that can be tossed about the audience.

Tech, tactics + attendees

In his vast real estate conference experience, Smith also picked up on how best to integrate technology into an event.

So often, he said, technology is glommed onto a conference like an ill-fitting hat.

That’s why tech training is blended into Excellence.

Curaytor gurus will be on hand to answer attendees’ questions about the core platforms that make up the modern agent’s tech arsenal: customer relationship management platforms, automated email marketing systems and sophisticated websites.

Curaytor pros will also coach agents on the latest sales and marketing tactics, including “The Conversion Code,” the sales system Smith designed and makes up his popular book of the same name, and Facebook marketing. Smith and Mackin will be on hand for the full event as well.

Smith has seen too many conferences where vendors vie desperately for attendees’ attention. He feels there’s a more productive setup for both.

Instead of having a vendor hall, Excellence bakes only 2-3 high-caliber vendors into the event with non-intrusive attention-grabbing opportunities such as lunch-and-learns.

Curaytor’s looking for top-quality real estate firms to sponsor the event. Reach out to Chris at Curaytor dot com for details about opportunities.

Not just for Curaytor clients

Excellence is for both Curaytor clients and non-clients.

Smith anticipates approximately 20 percent of the 700 attendees will not be Curaytor clients. He and Mackin are designing the conference accordingly.

Attending the event is a great opportunity for non-Curaytor clients to witness Curaytor firsthand -- to kick the tires, talk to current clients, experience the culture, meet the founders and test-drive the system. 

If they like what they see and sign up at the event, they get a big perk: Curaytor applies their Excellence ticket fee ($1,250) to their spend, giving them their first month on the platform free.

Be Excellent.

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