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Carrie Qualters Doubles Down on Her Business and Team with Curaytor

Paul Hagey

Paul Hagey, founder of HageyMedia, is a journalist and real estate content strategist...

Paul Hagey, founder of HageyMedia, is a journalist and real estate content strategist...

Sep 19 6 minutes read

Carrie Qualters is the founder of the Red Door Atlanta team in Atlanta, GA. Carrie had been running her business with help from one assistant and was doing 30 or more deals in a year, but she was ready to grow both her team and business. 

As Carrie explains, “I’d always been a techy person so I was going to every tech event I could find. I’d spend an inordinate amount of time researching what I would do next, and what software I needed. What I really wanted was to add a tool to my business to ignite growth and I found myself spinning my wheels.”

She was actively looking for a tool that would help her generate more leads and help to close more deals. With that in mind, Carrie signed on with a company other than Curaytor. 

“Quite frankly, the tool I used at first wasn’t a great fit. It just didn’t do what I needed it to do, and I ended up with a nearly $12,000 loss for my business. It was an expensive mistake.”

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Carrie Gets Real about What Her Business Needs

Carrie found herself at a turning point. She knew she needed some help making the changes she wanted but was feeling a little hesitant after her past experience.

She’d heard of Curaytor through a friend and decided to look into it a bit further. “We have similar businesses as agents and have been friends for a long time. I trust her opinion, so when she shared the results she was getting, it sealed the deal. She was having success with Curaytor so I knew I needed to consider it.” 

Carrie had heard of the Curaytor founders, and now with a recommendation from a trusted friend and colleague, she was ready to see what Curaytor had to offer.

“When I looked at my friend’s business, it was the seller ads that were getting great results that really drew me in. I saw that Curaytor had figured out what's working right now, and they were going to tell me exactly what to do. I knew this meant no more trying to figure it out myself.” 

For Carrie, the idea of making another investment was scary. But she knew if she was going to grow her business, it was time to take a chance. 

“At the time, investing in Curaytor felt like a lot of money for me. At that point I was doing about 30 deals a year, so it was definitely a financial commitment. Based on the solid results I’d seen with other agents I felt confident enough to go for it.”

 Once Carrie started working with Curaytor, all those worries about whether or not she had made the right decision were immediately erased. 

“The most surprising thing to me is that Curaytor is so much more than a CRM. When I signed up, I honestly thought I was signing up for a lead generation tool. But once you get into it, you realize it’s the whole package. You’re also signing up for a community, along with coaching and a whole approach to growing your business.”

Business Growth = Marketing + Mindset

Once she joined the Curaytor program, things really took off for Carrie’s business. She’s now doing 50 or more deals a year and has added new agents to her team. Best of all, she’s on track to double her team and business within the next year.

Not only is her business prospering, but working with Curaytor brought some other unexpected benefits. 

“I’m a better business owner thanks to Curaytor. I’ve learned so much by watching their team in action, their ongoing support. Now, I’m much less fearful and am ready to make necessary changes, grow my team and generate a ton of leads.”

Plus, Carrie is saving precious time on a daily basis, and no longer debating what tools or systems she should implement. “I’m still learning but I’m able to focus more on team building and more practical education options for my own growth. Before Curaytor, I was spending an average of four hours a week on webinars, conferences and research. Now I spend none.” 

By spending her time on building her team she has been able to continue to grow her business year-over-year and nearly double the number of deals being done. Curaytor has become the heart of her business and Carrie now thinks of leads in a completely different way than she used to. 

“The CRM and the knowledge that Curaytor has given me and my team to use has been incredibly valuable. Knowing how to use the CRM has helped me convert all of my lead sources more effectively. The company’s approach on how to create and convert leads can be applied to leads from any source. Plus, we have content to use with our leads and proven techniques to convert them better.” 

Carrie can’t say enough about Curaytor and everything working with the company has done for her and her business. And it’s not just the tools. It’s the company’s culture, coaching, support and overall vision that makes them a great partner for her as she grows her business. 

“Curaytor truly cares about my business. I was having a struggle with staffing, and I reached out to Chris. He helped me figure out the direction of my business, and did it in a way that was tailored to my situation. That level of support isn’t something you’ll get from another company. It’s personal and everyone cares about your business.”

Carrie’s results with the Curaytor Marketer program: 

  • Currently on track to double the total number of deals over last year
  • Grown her team by adding several agents and plans to add more
  • Saved multiple hours a week that can now be spent on sales

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