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7 Real Estate Facebook Ads You Should Copy ASAP

The Curaytor Team

Curaytor partners with listing agents, giving them the expert services and tools they need to get their marketing done right.

Curaytor partners with listing agents, giving them the expert services and tools they need to get their marketing done right.

Oct 25 3 minutes read

They're two of the biggest factors in determining whether an ad sinks or swims.

Relevance doesn't mean crafting a message that's interesting to everyone - that's the best way to ensure your ad lives in a draft and you never hit "Publish." It means getting your message in front of the right eyeballs.

Once you've created the right target audience, write a message that's timely. Including information about current market conditions, upcoming events, and holiday tie-ins all help make a message more up-to-date.

To learn the 7 Facebook Ads You Should Copy ASAP, watch Neal "The Deal" Mitchell share his favorites in this video and read the post below.

1. Ads for Seller Leads

It's never a bad idea to highlight one of your recently sold listings (especially if it sold for more than the Zestimate said it was worth) to generate some home value reports.

You can always update your standard home value request lead magnet with seasonal/holiday twists...

Or use recent market figures to drive interest.

2. The Listing Ad

Take note of the emojis, beautiful photos, and the thorough description (that's missing only the most important info: the price and address). This listing ad generated over 1,300 likes, comments, and shares, over 11,000 photo views, plus resulted in 1,600+ clicks to the landing page.

3. The "Sweet Spot" Ad

The "Sweet Spot" ad is about finding the niche in your real estate market: which homes are creating the biggest sense of urgency? Which listings are flying off the market? Send this ad to a landing page on your website/pre-built MLS search that displays only the listings that meet the criteria you reference in your ad.

4. The Open House Ad

This Open House ad features great copy: it features the when, but not the where. Very smart.

5. Listing Alerts

This real estate ad is designed to get people to subscribe to a list of the newest, best listings in your market. Bonus points for using timely language in the copy!

6. The Now Hiring Ad

With all the new leads you'll generate from using the ads above, you're probably going to need to hire some help. We've got you covered there, too.

7. Content-Driven Ads

For the real estate content creators, here's an ad type that we highly recommend. It requires the extra work of blogging, but providing value to your readers is a great way to get more leads.

If you've got the time (or budget) to spare and a passion for creating content, we recommend checking out your YouTube page, your Google analytics, and Facebook Insights to see which of your posts have generated the most traffic. At Curaytor, we've seen that our blog posts about Facebook are more widely read and shared than other posts... and if you're reading this, you're helping prove that data again. Write what you're passionate about, but make sure it's also something your readers are interested in, too.

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