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5 Copywriting Tips For Real Estate Agents  

Instantly improve the performance of your ads, emails, videos, posts, stories, and sales messages by writing better copy.


5 Copywriting Tips For Real Estate Agents

Chris & Jimmy

Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin are top coaches and thought leaders in the real estate industry.

Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin are top coaches and thought leaders in the real estate industry.

May 11 5 minutes read

"Copywriting is salesmanship in print." - John E. Kennedy

Copy is advertising slang we use to describe the words in our marketing campaigns. 

To write good copy, it takes a commitment to the craft, patience, and courage.


Yup, you read that right.

It can take courage to write good copy. 

Our fear of failure results in our industry using the same old and tired one-liners...

It’s never been a better time to sell 
The market is hot
It’s simple and easy to find the home of your dreams

With creativity and courage, we can stand out from the sea of sameness that is real estate marketing and grab the consumer’s attention. 

The next time you are going to promote a listing, try this:

To break out of the monotony of real estate copy, I curated examples of ads I love to help inspire your creativity:


Why this copy works:

Chipotle uses a conversational style in their ad copy to communicate their value proposition of locally sourced, natural ingredients.

To write copy in this format, try to explain to someone what you want to communicate with your ad. Then write down that explanation. That’s it. It’s a clever technique that can help you write conversational copy.


Why this copy works?

Imagine yourself carrying a heavy-duty flashlight.

When writing copy, it is your job to shine the light in the dark spots of your audience’s consciousness to expose the hidden truths. The part of their story they know to be true but are afraid of saying aloud.


Why this copy works:

Have a distinct point of view. 

Dove believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and challenges the conventional, narrow definition of beauty.

They are unapologetic and unafraid to challenge their audience.

Their point of view creates a compelling message that will resonate with the people that believe what they believe. 

To write copy like this, ask yourself a simple question: 

What’s wrong with our industry? What do you seek to change? 

Your answers can help you clarify your distinct point of view and help you write copy that resonates with your audience. 

The Economist

Why does this copy work?

The Economist copy is designed to appeal to the individuals who desire to use their intelligence as a status symbol.

To the average person, their copy might feel pompous.

That’s the point.

They want their readers to feel that by reading the Economist they can become smarter than the average person.

To write copy like this, dig deep into your prospective client’s psyche to understand their underlying motivation. 

If you can articulate the underlying motivation, the customer will feel like your ad is written just for them. 


Why this copy works:

This is the anti-sales pitch.

When using this technique, you’re highlighting all the things your non-ideal customers will hate that your ideal customer will love.

It’s a brilliant way to rebel and attract at the same time. 

To write copy like this, create a list of all the things you’re not. This will give you the foundation you need to create your own anti-sales pitch.

Bonus: Shopify

Why this copy works: 

By highlighting a relatable moment that all of your customers experience, you communicate that you know what it’s really like to be in their shoes. 

Empathy instills confidence in the consumer. 

When they believe that you understand their problem, they’ll listen to your solution.

Next Steps

Great copy has the ability to help you cut through the noise and connect with people on a deeply human level. Small changes to your copy can make a massive difference. 

Take the time to review your website, your ad campaigns, your email copy, and your social media posts through the eyes of your customers.

An honest assessment of the current marketing campaigns is the first step towards revamping your digital marketing strategy. 

"With creativity and courage, we can stand out from the sea of sameness that is real estate marketing and grab the consumer’s attention and move them to act. "

Jimmy Mackin, CEO of Curaytor

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