Our favorite moments of the Water Cooler 2020

2020 was a wild year, but despite all the chaos we did our absolute best to continue to bring you the best content possible. We had some amazing guests this year, here is a selection of our favorite moments from the Water Cooler in 2020.

Tiffani Bova taught us the importance of the post sale service

Tiffani explains that how people interact with you and your brand is your customer service and the fastest way for your customers to love your brand is to empower your team to love their job. Your service to your client doesn't end post sale, in fact, it never ends. Pay attention to your customers wants and needs not only for everything leading up to the sale but their plans for the future. Make sure your CMS is populated with notes so when the time comes, you can keep interacting and following up with your customers and provide valuable services when they don't expect you to. It's the little things that separate a great brand from okay brand.


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Phil M. Jones showed us how to start every conversation from a position of curiosity 

Phil explains that when you start a conversation from a place of curiosity, you can understand their context and pain points. Through empathy you can become relatable, see the word through their eyes, and understand their circumstances. This allows you the courage to insert yourself into their story as someone who can help.

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Spencer Rascoff gave us his insight on servant leadership philosophy and employee engagement 

Spencer explains that a great leader should be a great listener, that, as the leader, you work for your employees, not the other way around. Your job is to motivate and catalyze your employees to be more successful so they can focus on the day to day work that needs to get done and open the floor to creative ideas.

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Brad McCallum taught us how to stand out with video in a colder market

Brad explains that advertising on buses and benches won’t cut it in a market that isn’t “hot,” and that in a colder market it's incredibly important to stand out from your competition. Beyond just getting business, Brad also lays out that it's so important when someone hires you, they get a marketing department, a PR department, as well as a real estate agent. 

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Dan Chin showed us the power of personalized scripts

Dan explains that making the script specific to the person’s unique experience in looking for homes sets the tone for their whole journey with Dan’s team. That by creating a personal mission statement with their clients it will guide the work they will be doing throughout their journey.

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Rand Fishkin showed us how to master your marketing flywheel

Rand explains that for a small business putting out your content in every channel can ultimately be useless in your marketing efforts, and suggests focusing on the channels that work the best for your business and your customers, even if that is only a few channels. Use these channels to push potential clients to the two places you know you have control over, your website and your email list. 

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Adam Contos showed us how producers could maximize their productivity

Adam explains a technique for how agents can maintain productivity - recommends that agents do a time audit by writing down the tasks they complete each day and put a “P” (productive) or “NP” (not productive) next to each one.

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