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7 Reasons Why You'll Love Attract


Never call a cold lead again.

Our in-house team of ISAs will work your database each day to deliver appointments directly to your team.


Generate ROI from your PPC campaigns.

Our real estate marketing experts handle every aspect of your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.


No more nagging your agents to follow up with leads.

Our ISAs are licensed real estate agents who know how to make an impactful first impression.


A trusted partner to grow your brand.

We have been creating high impact real estate website and executing marketing strategies for the 10+ years.


New appointments delivered right to your inbox.

Those new mail notifications have never been so profitable.


Built with flexibility to meet your current business needs.

Our team will help determine what parts of our offering will make the most impact on your business.


Stop losing deals from not working your database.

We'll do the outreach and ongoing nurturing with our Advanced follow-up techniques. Don't want us to contact certain people? No problem. Keep your family/friends/past clients to yourself, we'll do the rest.

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Love from our early adopters

Now when we get the emails with a new lead we know that these folks are ready to go and are expecting us to reach out again with more info. I wish this program was around a long time ago!

Andrew Himes


We have six things under contract right now. The most we’ve ever had 🙂 So grateful that Curaytor invested their time and money into this. It’s a game-changer for us for sure.

Heather Buckman

Jacksonville, FL

That [lead follow-up] was our Achilles’ heel for years and years and we are so grateful to finally have qualified ISA’s helping our team schedule appointments. We feel the momentum!

Kari Lambert

jay marks real estate

It is still early, but I do feel like I can sleep at night knowing that our leads are being followed up on! I love the detail and the amount of information the ISAs are able to extract from the leads. Every time an email comes through from one of them it feels like Christmas morning.

Justine Mathieu

westborough, MA
How Does It All Work?

When marketing and sales come together, it's magic.

Our new Attract program integrates high-quality marketing with proven sales strategies to turn your leads into appointments. Our lead conversion machine isn't powered by a bot. It's powered by professional marketers and licensed real estate agents as ISAs to deliver real results for your business.



Lead Generation

Lead Conversion

Lead Nurturing

the secret sauce

Meet your new ISAs

Licensed real estate agents who ensure every lead is handled professionally, immediately, and delivered right to your inbox.

No bots or outsourced ISAs.

p.s. We're hiring. Learn More Here

Let's connect! 

Our new Attract program integrates high-quality marketing with proven sales strategies to turn your leads into appointments.

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why curaytor? 

We have the marketing and sales talent to drive results for our clients.


We’ve led this industry for 10+ years by providing innovative marketing strategies that work


We work with 540 of the top real estate teams in North America


Our clients sell $30B+ in real estate every year

Top 10

If we were a brokerage, we'd be in the Top 10 in North America


What if I hate my website? Can you help there too? 

We have been making high-impact real estate websites for 10+ years. Our core services are available as stand-alone products or combined with our Attract offering. During your initial meeting with our team, we will review your business and decide how we can best impact your business with our solutions.

How many appointments can I expect each month? 

Our goal is to generate a 4x ROI for every client. We aim to deliver 6-9 appointments per month. This will vary based on the price point of your market.

How do you integrate with my current systems (CRM)? 

One of the best parts of Attract is that there is no need to integrate systems or change CRM's. It's business as usual for your team. Once we know how you want leads distributed, your CSM will do a direct hand-off when they schedule the appointment.

Are you buying these leads on some sort of secondary market? 

No. We do all of the lead generation through paid advertising and content marketing. We do not buy leads.