This year is all about

Exactly how to run your business

Pre Excellence: SUNDAY, SEPT. 29th


Exactly What to Say.

Workshop and Mastermind: Phil M Jones, Chris Smith & Jimmy Mackin 


Workshop & Mastermind VIP Party



Exactly Why We are Here.

Welcome to Excellence 2019: steve smith, Emcee

Welcome to Nashville and our 5th Excellence! In honor of this special milestone, we had YOU our clients pick this year’s location of the event. We wouldn’t be here at our 5th annual user conference without you, our users, our clients, our Curaytor community.


Exactly What to Post

Opening Keynote: Chris Smith & Jimmy Mackin , Co-Founders of Curaytor

Based on their best selling book with Phil M Jones learn exactly what to post using “magic words” so that you get the best results.  Keynote is based upon hundreds of hours of data while researching the book.


Exactly What is New at Curaytor

session: Nate Lacy, Director of Product 

In January Nate Lacy joined Curaytor after working at Boomtown and Hubspot.  In October at Excellence he is going to share with you what he’s been working hard on and what to expect in the future from Curaytor.




Exactly How I’m Building My Brand

session: Jessica Woodbeck 

Last year at Excellence our co-founder Chris Smith gave a personal branding workshop and people took notice.  Jessica Woodbeck did exactly that and has been building up her personal brand ever since.


Exactly How to Convert

session: Veronica Figuera 

Learn exactly what the largest technology companies in the world need to follow up with all the Glengarry Glen Ross leads they get.  Join us for a two part TED talk on converting.  Veronica will share how she had created a massive conversion machine 


Exactly What to Insta

session: Jason Cassity

How to get more followers, leads and sales using Instagram. Learn exactly what the best real estate stories and posts are right now. Plus, how to blow up-  your inbox with DM’s (and have fun while doing it)


Exactly What to Mail

session: Scott Moe

How to marry Curaytor and the mailbox.  Session will include examples of direct mail that worked to get listing and buyers.  Plus the templates will be made available to attendees to download and use for themselves.




Exactly What to film

workshop: Steve Pacinelli, Ethan Beute, Raj Qsar, Michelle Witmer Humes

Bestselling authors Steve Pacinelli and Ethan Beute from Bombbomb. Watch two of our video proteges Raj and Michelle put their BombBomb knowledge and newly learned marketing skills to work live from the stage.  




Pitchfest: Exactly How to Answer Difficult Questions & Overcome Objections

event: Jimmy Mackin, Chris Smith, Phil M. Jones, Steve Pacinneli, Stephanie Lanier, Veronica Figuera, Raj Qsar


meet up

Exactly How to Build Your Business

Exactly How to Start Your Own Brokerage

meet up: Judy Weiniger, Stephanie Lanier

Exactly How to Build a Large Team

meet up: Amy Youngren, Sara Locken

Exactly How to Execute as a Solo Agent

meet up: Heather Scott

Exactly How to Sell a House, With Your Spouse

meet up: Rick & Paula Hellenbrand

Exactly How to Build Your Brand

Exactly How to Build Your Team’s Brand

meet up: Caroline Gosselin, Charles Cherney

Exactly How to Sell 100’s of Homes a Year

meet up: Jim Trueblood, Lisa Archer

Exactly How to Start a Video Blog

meet up: Amit Bhuta, Samuel Parks

Exactly How to Build Your Personal Brand

meet up: Jena Turner

Exactly How to Use Curaytor 

Brain, Blast, Convert, FUB, Landing Pages, Announcements, Blog Posts, Pages, Plan

Exactly How to Follow Up

meet up: Dan Corkill, CEO of Follow Up Boss (and his team)



Exactly How to do Retargeting

Session: Chris Smith, Jimmy Mackin, Andrew Bayon 

Capturing and converting leads is getting harder then ever.  Which means retargeting is officially more important than ever.  Learn exactly how to retarget across the web and on social media so that when they are ready to list or buy they chose you.


keynote speaker




Exactly How We Lead

Session: Sarah Mailloux, Jillian blumberg, Annette Torres, Lisa Palombo

Join our Head of Sales, Sarah, our Community Manager JBB, our Social Media Queen Annette, and our agency guru Lisa as we teach you exactly how we run Curaytor. Making sales, building a strong community, dominating social media and creating custom one of a kind work are just the tip of the iceberg of what we do to make Curaytor great.


Exactly What Jimmy Would Do

q&A: Jimmy MAckin

You won’t have to leave Excellence with any questions unanswered. Jimmy is here to answer anything and everything related to sales, marketing, running a business or Boston sports.


Lunch BREAk


keynote speaker


Exactly What Chris Would Do

q&a: Chris Smith 

You won’t have to leave Excellence with any questions unanswered. Chris is here to answer anything and everything related to sales, marketing, running a business or his hair.


Grab a Drink for #WaterCooler 



event: Chris Smith, Jimmy Mackin, Special Guests

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