Accelerator Success Story

Robert Dombrowsky

 Paramus, NJ

Robert Dombrowsky has been an agent for 36 years, and he's good at what he does.  This fall, he decided to try something new with Accelerator for lead generation and found it has been a pretty big change in the way he does business.  “For a long time I ran my business right out of email and text message,” he said. “Now I run it right out of Chime. Having a central location with all of the leads and follow-ups helps me to stay on top of all of my clients. Every client I get goes into Chime and I use all the follow-ups that are available to me with it. It’s really made me be accountable to follow up with every client regardless of the source.”

Dombrowsky found out about Accelerator through a seminar featuring Chris Smith.

“He was specifically talking about social media,” he said. “He went through a number of terms and strategies and frankly, being almost 60 years old, I found I was almost completely at a loss at what he was saying. It really touched me; I recognized I needed to add something to my business that I couldn’t provide myself. This was the perfect platform. Curaytor is steeped in social media, leveraging all these opportunities that I wasn’t doing at all. It really resonated. I probably still don’t take advantage of half of what I could with all the things Curaytor does. It’s a platform with a tremendous amount of upside.”

Curaytor provides an aspect of marketing Dombrowsky says he just can’t do it himself.

“It puts me in a place where I was not before this,” he said. “When you can add an entirely different lead pillar to your business — with only writing a check for it — well, wow, that’s a great thing because now you are getting a new business source you are only paying for. Leads are just coming to you and you can work them. I would never have found my way through social media without them.”

Dombrowsky had a difficult time converting leads initially with Accelerator because he was just not experienced working internet leads. But through Curaytor coaching and his own determination, he has seen great success. In fact, Dombrowsky is a single agent team with no staff and just had his best January ever, with $3.4M in new business.

“It’s a fantastic platform,” he said.

Accelerator Report




People Reached




Cost Per Lead

Since November, Accelerator has delivered over 175,000 impressions, 17,500 reached people, and 4,027 clicks. Dombrowsky has spent about $2,800 on Accelerator and has an average of $5.65 CPL (cost-per-lead) across all advertising channels including Google, Facebook and Adroll, so the small investment has been well worth the return. 

Dombrowsky’s goal for this year is to hit between 50 and 60 transactions, so the sheer volume of leads is what is keeping him happy with Accelerator.

“I’m willing to make as many phone calls a day as I can,” he said. “I just want people to talk to, and that is what this does. The program itself delivers leads, delivers business.”

So far, he has received about 500 solid leads.

“That’s a nice number, well over 100 a month,” he said. “That’s pretty awesome to me — that’s what I’m looking for.”

Of course, the most important part of getting the leads is converting them. 

“Everyone gets some kind of follow-up plan,” he said. “Accelerator provides me with a framework for my day so I can get up, get in front of my computer, look at what I have on tap for that day in terms of tasks, new leads, and opportunities. You’ve got to make use of what’s there and you have to reach out to your people. People don’t do enough of that. They don’t make enough phone calls and don’t reach out enough. It’s contact, aggressively trying to contact.”

He also recommends customizing lead categories to optimize workflow.

“The importance of that is you need to know who to focus on, on any given day,” Dombrowsky said. “Have a plan to follow up with your pipeline. You can’t give up, can’t let go. You have to keep looking at every lead as a potential deal.”

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