Fear paralyzes us all. When we leap past it, new worlds can unfurl and amazing things can happen. 

Ask Amy Youngren, leader of the Toronto-based five-agent team Urban Lifestyle Group. She leapt past her fear of being on camera 18 months ago and has become a video shooting star, nominated by Inman News for most innovative agent of the year and earning several high-profile conference speaking gigs.

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The engaging, creative videos she produces for all her team’s listings have done more than raise her industry profile; they’ve propelled her business, helping to:

  • Double her team’s listing inventory

  • Triple the number of incoming referrals

  • Generate a ton of buyer leads


Youngren's Tinder-inspired listing video from late August has generated over 3,600 views on Facebook, without any paid advertising

She looks like a natural, doesn’t she? But that wasn’t always the case. She was afraid. Very afraid...

“I used to let my perfectionism hinder my progress,” Youngren said. People always told her to do video and she finally decided to heed the advice of two industry luminaries who preach video, prominent industry speaker Jeff Lobb and Curaytor Co-founder Chris Smith.

“The fear of not seeing the results became greater than the fear of doing it,” Youngren said.

Youngren’s just three and a half years into her real estate career, yet the swagger exhibited in her videos has propelled her already to great heights. In 2016, her team handled 254 transactions totaling $92 million in sales volume.

She attributes her quick success to lots of work, not much sleep, her budding video strategy and Curaytor, which she hired on about 18 months ago.

Curaytor’s sleek website and cutting-edge coaching seamlessly feeds into her video work, Youngren said. It’s helping her pull in between 60 and 130 leads from each property video she does.

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Youngren’s video setup

Each of Youngren’s listing videos are custom, starring her. She changes up the formats to keep them fresh and diverse. Some focus primarily on listings; in others she sprinkles in market stats.

To create a fresh look for each video, she visits the property and finds a quiet place to sit and think for a bit. The script soon emerges.

Youngren uses a contract videographer who she’s used for awhile and has come to like and trust. The person films and edits her videos, which cost from $500 to $1,200 depending on customization and the property’s size.

Building engaging videos

Youngren’s clearly good on camera, but she also takes cues from platforms outside of real estate to give her videos an extra appeal. 

She looks at the popular videos on Instagram and BuzzFeed, notes some of their characteristics, such as interesting headings, words and features, and applies them to her videos. 

For example, she often orders videos as listicles, a la BuzzFeed -- “The top 10 reasons you’ll love this home.”

She publishes all her videos to Facebook and YouTube and rarely boosts any of them. Her primary goal isn’t to generate leads from the videos, but to amplify her presence and develop referral opportunities.

She also emails her videos to her 7,000 person database once a month. Sometimes, she’ll blast out a video for a hot property individually.

Organic growth

For all those waiting to act until they carefully work out a full strategy, Youngren blows that excuse over with a fresh gale.

She has no business goals or detailed strategy beyond just doing property videos at the moment. She had less of a strategy when she started.

“Is it perfect? No, but I started and it’s propelling us,” Youngren said. That’s undeniable.

Youngren's late August video announcing her team's donation of 100 backpacks to a local charity has garnered over 3,800 organic views on Facebook

She’s starting to develop a more detailed strategy, one that will be scalable.

Youngren’s also planning to mix in other types of videos including some targeting buyers, a pre-listing video for listing presentations, and an “about us” video introducing her team.  

She’s also looking to bring video production in-house.

Just start

Eighteen months and dozens of videos ago, Youngren started her video life small. She did tiny intros and read the entire script on the video. That’s evolved into a more relaxed style as she’s become more comfortable, but butterflies remain. 

She hasn’t embraced live video yet. Why? Fear, and that crippling demon, perfection.

While she’s becoming more relaxed with video and experience, she still carefully plans.

People comment that she looks so natural, that she slips interesting impromptu words into the videos. That’s mostly scripted and planned, Youngren said. 

Why Curaytor?

Editor’s note: Amy Youngren brought on Curaytor in Spring 2015 to stay ahead of the curve on industry technology and trends. She knew that Curaytor co-founders Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin would keep her ahead, giving her a competitive advantage and a unique value proposition to clients. She answered some questions about her Curaytor experience.

What has Curaytor done for your business? 

Our team has grown from two people (myself and an admin) to five producing agents, an admin, client concierge, and an inside sales rep since we joined Curaytor. We have an overflowing pipeline of leads and a system for conversion that works.

What is it allowing you to focus on now? 

Staying in my strength zone and growing my business instead of trying to figure out the next technology trends. I trust Curaytor and the team behind it so we just implement what they roll out and tell us to do!

What’s your favorite feature? 

The lead-capture pages are great and everyone comments on how hot our website is! But my all-time fav feature is my relationship with Chris and Jimmy. I love how they are "there for their clients." I know they are just a call or text away if I need advice.

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