Got Questions? 


  1. Register For Challenge(Closes Monday 12/23 at 12pm ET)
  2. Attend The Weekly Training Classes
    1. Tuesdays, 1pm ET - Listing Promotion 101
    2. Wednesdays, 1pm ET - Mastering the Marketing
  3. Execute Each Campaign(Listing Promotion & Marketing Plan) 
  4. Notify Your Customer Success Manager By 5pm ET Every Thursday
  5. Send 25 Personalized Video Messages To Warm Leads And/Or Past Clients Each Week
  6. Report Wins In Mastermind Group


1. Who Can Join The 30 Day Challenge? 

Any Curaytor client can join the challenge!  There may be different parts of the challenge that pertain to you based on if you execute the marketing yourself or if you hire Marketer.  

If you DO NOT have Marketer, you will execute the marketing and follow up on your own. 

If you DO have Marketer, you will only be expected to complete the 25 personalized videos per week.

2. Do I Have To Do The Personalized Video Follow Up?

To complete the 30 Day Challenge, every client is expected to send 25 personalized video messages to warm prospects or past clients each week.  

3. What Tools Can I Use For The Video Follow Up Portion?

We have 3 tools that we recommend for 1-1 video messaging:

BombBomb(Paid With Free 14 Day Trial)  This is compatible with Follow Up Boss or Curaytor Blast.



4. What Should I Do To Prepare For The Challenge?

a) Organize Your Database To Ensure Stages Are Accurate
b) Download One Of The Video Services Above
c) Ensure Your Facebook Audiences and Blast Audiences Are Set-Up
d) Time Block On Your Primary Calendar Tool For The Training Sessions & Follow Up Times 

5. What Should My Budget Be For The Challenge? 

We recommend a minimum budget of $500 for the month of January.

We recommend a budget of $600-800 for the 30 Day Challenge which can be outlined below:

Listing Promotions(4): $100-$150 Facebook & $25-50 Instagram 

Marketing Plan(4): $25-$50 Facebook & Instagram

5. How Much Time Should I Expect To The Challenge To Take?

We recommend allocating 7-10 hours/week to the activities involved in the 30 Day Challenge which can be outlined below:

Training Classes: 2 Hours(Highly Recommended)

Marketing: 3-5 Hours

Follow Up: 2-3 Hours

6. Can I Have My Agents Participate If They Don't Do Marketing?

Yes! They should participate by executing the video portion of the challenge.  

Have each agent send 25 personalized video messages.  

7a. What Should I Expect After the 30 Day Challenge?

After the 30 Day Challenge, clients should expect to see increased traffic, lead generation, repeat visitors, increased social engagement and most importantly, more conversations with consumers in your market.  

7b. What Should I Not Expect After The 30 Day Challenge?

Instant results.  Transactions in January are not guaranteed based on the 30 Day Challenge.  

8. Do I Need To Customize The Content?

The content and assets we provide are in most cases ready to publish. In some instances, the campaigns will require a video component or assets from a sale for a success story.  This type of individualization is what will help you differentiate. 

9. Do I Have To Attend The Trainings Live? 

While recommended, you do not need to attend training live if you cannot.  We will send the recorded training videos to participants on the same day.    

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