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No matter what business you're in, a great Facebook ad must demand attention. Users are inundated with thousands of ads each day, so why should they take a second look at yours? Getting consumers to say "yes" relies on many different factors, including persuasion. Dr. Robert Cialdini identified several Principles of Persuasion that can be used in Facebook ads to grab users' attention and, ultimately, get them to click on your ad. We combined a few of Cialdini's principles with our own, and identified how the best brands are using them in their ads.

Bond Vet

Transparency, unique value proposition

Bond Vet is reinventing the way pet owners take their pets to the vet. They highlight how much easier it is to use them for just $15, rather than paying upwards of $3,000 in the long run. 

Another trend you'll see within these ads is the use of listing what makes them different (and better) in a simple list of the advantages of choosing them.


Authority, cobranding, transparency

Calm's advertisements are extremely unique, not just because they are an award-winning app, but because of the way they showcase it. When testimonials are that good, there's no need for further explanation. 

Their second ad's video emphasizes the experience consumers feel when using their app. They use a real Instagram feed interrupted by a tranquil wave, accompanied by 4 Steps to Ease Anxiety.

Southwest Airlines


Southwest Airlines starts with targeting their first ad as a list of useful information for a consumer who is considering visiting Hawaii. They provide a list of "21 Photos Of Hawaii That Will Make You Say, 'I Want To Go There'" 

The second ad in the sequence is a sell. They're advertising their low fares from Hilo to Honolulu after they just provided the consumer with a reason to visit in the previous ad. 

Parachute Home

Seasonality, email newsletter

Parachute is a home goods company that sells luxury bedding. Something they do extremely well advertise their email newsletter. There's nothing worse than subscribing to an email list and not knowing what to expect (which is typical for most companies). Parachute explains exactly what you'll receive when you subscribe, and even leverages their Black Friday sale to give consumers a reason to subscribe.


Authority, testimonials, exclusivity

Similar to Parachute Home, Brooklinen sells bedding. What Brooklinen does different than Parachute is assert themselves as experts in the industry, quoting BestProducts, Good Housekeeping, Wirecutter, Domino, Vogue, Business Insider, and Esquire. Below the text, they highlight a sale as well as tease a new product.

Their next ad is a simple testimonial that speaks to (and identifies with) their target audience of 30-something adults, who are typically spending money no booze and sneakers. Notice how they subtly add "28,000+ 5-star reviews don't lie." which changed from 35,000 in the first ad, which means they're continuously updating their ads with accurate stats. 


Community, brand definition

Soulcycle is most commonly known for their tight-knit group of riders. From an outsider's perspective, it can be extremely intimidating and even a reason not to join. A smart way to break this barrier is by addressing it and celebrating how the community they build is unlike any other, and even defines what it means to them.

Weezie Towels

Brand definition, engagement, authority

Weezie Towels is a unique brand that, similar to Bond Vet, is disrupting how consumers would normally purchase towels. Their ads cater to the modern consumer who is looking for a luxury experience online. Their first ad does a great job of engaging the audience by asking to tag someone below.

The second ad shows off their authority in the industry with a quote from Architectural Digest.


Brand definition

Floyd is a furniture company that knows exactly who they are, furniture for keeping. They take the painful experience that consumers experience now with furniture (tossing it after a few years) and replace it with a seamless and easy buying experience. Floyd also shows their furniture in real settings so the consumer can see that their furniture really does go with anywhere.

Marie Forleo

Free resources

Marie Forleo is crushing it with her advertisements. Her ad takes the factors that are holding consumers back ($1000s in the bank and or a fancy investor) and crushes those stereotypes with her free downloadable checklist to start and grow your dream business.


Unique value proposition

Billie is a company that is completely unique to the shaving industry. Their focus is on real-life experiences and they even address the problem that exists in the women's razor industry (razor brands "shaving" smooth, hairless legs). This makes them extremely relatable and the down-to-earth brand that women have been looking for. 



ClassPass uses their interactive decision board as a way to show that consumers can find a class for whatever mood their in. It creates a fun and collaborative environment.


Statistics, unique value proposition

Airbnb highlights real hosts in ad campaigns that allow consumers (potential hosts) to see the possibilities of hosting with Airbnb. They provide real statistics on how much money potential hosts could earn each month simply by sharing a home, room, or extra space. They also identify that consumers can count on Airbnb as a "side hustle" to their current job. 



Gusto takes one of the most stressful parts of a consumer's life and simplifies it. Let's face it, no business owner wants to handle all of the payroll, benefits, and HR. Gusto solves that problem simply, taking those common frustrations out of owning a business.

The New York Times

Unique value proposition, brand definition, simplicity

The New York Times is an extremely well-known brand that takes their "clear-eyed perspective" reputation and uses it to their advantage in their ad copy. Contrary to most media companies, they provide a factual approach without adding their opinion.

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